Arch City BBQ Blog - Sawmill BBQ

Arch City BBQ Blog - Sawmill BBQ


Time for another look at some local St. Louis barbecue!

Let's get Q it!

Sawmill BBQ Pub and Grill

1090 Old Des Peres Rd, Des Peres, MO 63131

Arch City Qlassification: Hidden Gem


Menu:  Sawmill BBQ Menu

Additional Locations: Cahokia, IL (My home town!)

Sampler platter? 

Not this time, but I made a great sampler myself using their 2 meat meal and adding a half rack of ribs! Came with 2 sides as well!









I’d call this one a classic smalltown pub feel. A few booths, a nice bar area, plenty of tables, and a great stage for live music and other entertainment! My one regret is that I came for lunch and not during a live band. I’ll do that next time for sure!


I went with the 2 meat combo this time out. Brisket and pork for my main meats, added a half rack of ribs, and decided to go with buttered potatoes and corn nuggets for my sides.

Riker was by my side for this one! We shared an order of pretzel bites, and he got himself a pulled pork sammy with fries (he wanted to tell you all he got the big boy sammich, not the kid version!)


Normal range for St. Louis BBQ, very reasonable. Lots of options for any kind of meal.









Sweet, Spicy, Mustard, White Sauce

I sampled the sweet, the spicy, and the mustard. If you know me you know white BBQ sauce and I don’t mesh…at all lol

I LOVED these sauces. The sweet was a good amount of sugary goodness with a flavor all its own. It wasn’t that generic sweet sauce flavor you get from chains and fast food. Great one all the food!

Riker and I both enjoyed the spicy sauce too. A nominal amount of slow-build heat, great unique flavor that I could use with any meal. Highly recommend!

I legitimately cannot believe I’m about to say this, but AGAIN I enjoyed the mustard sauce more than I expected to. I think it’s growing on me as a sauce flavor!!

Stop in if you're looking for...








Delicious meats and sauces, a friendly environment for a business lunch, or a fun night out with friends. The staff did a wonderful job taking care of us, and I know they’ll do the same for you!

Danny's Take:

Full transparency, I grew up in the town where Sawmill got its start – Cahokia, IL. So this one is near and dear to me. That said, I’ll still give you my honest take!

I enjoyed the flavors of the brisket, ribs and pork. They were the right amount of flavor, moisture, and smoke. I kept wanting to go back for more even once I had my fill. The brisket was my favorite flavor, but hey, I’m a beef guy! Excellent barbecue execution on those meats, Sawmill! Absolutely recommend!

The sides were a positive surprise for me. You never know what you’ll get with sides, especially when it’s something less common like these choices were. In this case I got tasty, well cooked, well-seasoned sides that I would absolutely recommend over and over. The pretzel bites tasted so yummy and fresh, not your average pretzel app at all. Loved those so much. Well done on the sides!

I really liked their sauces, all around great flavors that paired so well with each meat. My favorite was the spicy option, but I would recommend them all!

One more tidbit here, I was a big fan of the beer selection at Sawmill. I’m a brown ale/porter/stout kind of guy, and they had a favorite on tap – the Heavy Riff Velvet Brown! There’s a great selection of other local craft beers to choose from. Big plus for me!








Riker's take:

He’s back, folks! (Check out the Tik Tok page for his debut there too!)

Riker LOVED his pork sandwich. It was too much for him to finish, but I watched him repeatedly roll his eyes into the back his skill and declare “sooo good!” He enjoyed the fries and really liked those pretzel bites as well. Loved the sweet and spicy sauces!

Two enthusiastic thumbs up from Riker!








Bottom line – Delicious meats and sides, great drink selection, a great space in a good location and live entertainment, pretty hard to beat! Sawmill is a great local BBQ joint you can visit for any occasion. Father’s day is right around the corner, hook dad up with a trip to Sawmill! Trust me, he will not be disappointed.








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