Arch City Original Rubs


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Welcome to our all star lineup of original recipe barbecue rubs!

We've got all the big players- Beef, Pork, Chicken and Every Purpose Seasoning

Named for our hometown, the Arch City Original Series is our core group of delicious flavor packed rubs!

These seasonings will spice up almost any dish you can think of. Whether it's beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, even eggs and french fries, our spices will add wonderful flavor to a variety of meals. They turn bland and boring into fun and tasty!

Born as bbq rubs, these delectable flavor sensations are incredibly versatile. You can smoke with these rubs, grill with these rubs, bake with these rubs and even microwave with these rubs. No matter how much time you have you can call on the Arch City Original Series to save the day for you and your family. Get yours today and give your taste buds a flavor packed treat. Even the picky eater in your family won't be able to resist these seasonings!



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