Beef Rub in the Chili?? YES! 🔥🔥🔥

Beef Rub in the Chili?? YES! 🔥🔥🔥


Barbecue is our beloved passion, but we love food in all forms and manifestations. This week we're in the mood for some chili talk!

Do you have a chili recipe you've been tinkering with forever? Something that screams good but not great? Could it possibly benefit from a bolder flavor and a touch of extra heat?

Or maybe you have an award-winning chili recipe, but it isn't getting as many votes at the chili cook off as it used to? You might be looking for that difference making ingredient to win the blue ribbon this year...

Or perhaps you enjoy the speed and ease of simple chili from a can, but you REALLY wish it had a better flavor than the bland old stuff you're used to? 

No matter your needs or preferences, I've got just the trick to take your chili experience to the next level! I'm talking incredible flavor that blends beautifully with any spice combination you can imagine in the chili world.

PRO TIP: Put Our Beef Rub In Your Chili!

I add about 2 teaspoons of beef rub for every 32oz of my homemade chili. But you can play around with it to find your own tasty balance. Go with a subtle blend or make every bite scream with spices, doesn't matter either way. Regardless, you're gonna get some serious flavor from this seasoning that you WILL NOT find anywhere else!

Beef chili, pork chili, chicken or turkey chili, or even vegetarian chili...

Cooked on the stove or cast iron smoked over wood...

Adding our Arch City Original Beef Rub to your seasoning arsenal will do so much more than deliver delicious flavor. It will outright invigorate the soul of your chili!

Your nose will undoubtedly thank you for introducing it to the alluring aroma of our beef rub!

Your taste buds will sing to the heavens about the fantastic flavor packed into every delicious chili morsel!

Your stomach will adore you for bringing it such incredible satisfaction by adding the bold flavor of this rub into your chili!

Anyone who tastes your new and improved chili is going to absolutely love it! You don't have to tell them it was our seasoning. Heck, you don't have to tell them it was seasoning at all! Let them wonder what makes their senses pop with every spoonful while you sit back and enjoy all the glory!

Get yours today! -> Arch City Original Beef Rub

Smoke up and enjoy!

-Danny S. 

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