Flavorful Chicken and Veggies, FAST!

Flavorful Chicken and Veggies, FAST!

Season, Sizzle, Serve!

You know those times when you're tight on time and you need a quick answer for dinner? Between kids, work, chores, virtual learning, and everything else on your plate, time is more valuable than gold for most of us.

When you're trying to do all the things for all the people, it can be quite a challenge to find time for a fast and healthy meal that actually tastes good. You know, something with real flavor that everyone will enjoy. So...what's the solution?

Well my friends, I've got one for you to try the next time you're in a pinch. I'm talking easy peasy flavor and a real time saver. Don't open your meal delivery app, just grab your Arch City Original rubs!

Here's a delicious, fast, simple, healthy meal that will give you the power to overcome those inevitable time crunches. Following this method will turn out tasty food and give you back some of your day. That's time you could be spending with family or using to re-focus your energy and whittle away at your to-do list. Worth it, right??

What you'll need:

  1. Fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts (your choice of thick or thin, thin obviously cooks faster)
  2. A package of frozen steam-able vegetables, such as broccoli or cauliflower (this works with any veggie)
  3. Our Arch City Original Seasonings

That's it!

What to do (I promise this is even faster than it looks, these are quick steps!):


  1. Rinse the chicken breasts and place on a foil lined pan (I personally place mine on a cooking rack, then place the rack on a foil lined pan to help with clean up)
  2. Season with a light layer of Arch City EPS, followed by a light layer of Arch City Original Chicken rub- these seasonings blend together to create a tasty flavor profile that adults and kids alike will love!
  3. Place on the grill at about 550° to 600°, or in the oven at 475° (you can go higher if your oven allows)
  4. If you're using the grill, you'll want to cook for 4 to 5 minutes directly over the flames, then move the chicken to indirect heat while it finishes cooking to at least 165° internal temp (should be around 10 minutes total at these higher temps, depending on the thickness of your chicken breasts)
  5. If you're using the oven, let the chicken cook for about 15 minutes, check the internal temperature. You may need to cook a little longer if using thicker cuts
  6. In both cases, a light spray of olive oil mid cook can help add some additional char and flavor
  7. Once the chicken reaches 165°, you can let it rest for a few minutes or serve right away!

Veggies (This part is even easier but packs the same flavorful punch!)

  1. While the chicken is finishing, follow the instructions on your veggie steamer pack to cook your vegetables to your desired doneness (most cook in 5 to 7 minutes)
  2. Sprinkle in some Arch City EPS and to change things up a tad add in some Arch City Original Beef Rub or Pork Rub- the beef rub adds a savory flavor with kick, and the pork rub is sweet with just a touch of heat. Pick your fave and toss it in!
  3. Mix well, and if needed season to taste- the veggies are done!

Now I went over one way to do this with chicken, but this basic method also works well with other quick cooking cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Just have to adjust cook times and internal finishing temps. The flavor combinations are endless, and we have a delicious seasoning for every pallet!

I hope you and your family enjoy this tasty tip! If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to comment below!

Until next time, Smoke Up and Enjoy!


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