Perfect Pulled Pork with Arch City Original Pork Rub!

Perfect Pulled Pork with Arch City Original Pork Rub!

Propel your pork to impeccable new heights!

If you’re ready to take your pork butt recipe to the next level, we’ve got just the thing you need!

GABC’s Arch City Pork Rub will deliver a sensational flavor profile that will keep your friends and family coming back for more. It’s savory, sweet, and packs a little bit of heat that is guaranteed to get everyone’s taste buds jumping for joy!

Our Arch City Pork Rub is designed to be versatile for perfect flavor any way that you love your pork. So high temp searing tastes just as spectacular as slow smoking a pork butt. Our special blend of pork rub spices wasn’t created just for great tasting and delicious looking bark. We designed it to be just as tasty as finishing dust! We all know you can spend hours crafting the perfect smokey bark, but at the end of the day that huge piece of pork has a ton of juicy meat in the middle with no smoke or seasoning. Usually, the bark mixes pretty well and you get decent flavor distribution. But what if we told you that you could guaranteed delectable flavor throughout each serving? Therein lies the secret- adding our pork rub just before serving your guests will give them a mouthful of incredible flavor with every bite!

It’s so simple anyone can do it with confidence. We’ve got our quick and simple pork butt recipe below, but first the part you’re dying to read- just how to use our Arch City Pork rub as a finishing dust…

Pulled Pork Finishing Dust w/ Arch City Pork Rub

Once you’ve reached your desired internal temperature, and then let your meat rest for your preferred length of time (see our suggestions below), it’s time to shred the pork!

Once you have your butt shredded the way you like, it’s time for the finishing dust. Take our Arch City Pork Rub and cover the top of your pork in a light dusting. Now mix the pork thoroughly (we like to use our nitrile gloves and get in there by hand, it’s the best way!).

Once you’ve mixed well, grab a fork and do a taste test. Can you taste that savory sweet heat? If it’s not enough, repeat the process- Light dusting, mix, taste test. As you add more you will start to taste the flavors getting bolder.

The trick is to stop when YOU feel it’s ready. That’s why we’re not giving you a meat to rub ration. You know what you like, and you know what kind of flavor you want to deliver to your guests. So, trust your instincts and your taste buds!

When you’ve reached a flavor level you love, stop seasoning and begin serving. In our experience people love our pork rub flavor so much, it’s a good idea to leave the bottle next to your serving tray for those who want to dash in a little extra!

That’s truly all there is to it. It’s not magic, it’s just a simple way to liven up your pulled pork cook. You get smoke, bark, and finishing dust all melding together to bring that savory sweet heat into very yummy bite.


If you’re new to pork butt smoking, below we've included a quick and simple recipe for you to try out and make your own. Remember to get yourself a set of our Arch City Original Rubs today so you can start taking advantage of their delicious and unique flavors!

As a local St. Louis business, we sincerely appreciate the support we continue to receive from our local community. Thank you to all of our customers from the bottom of our hearts! You are amazing, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Until next time, Smoke Up and Enjoy!



Quick and Simple Pork Butt Recipe

Most pork butts are at least 12 to 15 lbs, and this recipe will work for most butts in that range or bigger. Times and temps may need to be adjusted for your preferred results.

  1. Cover your pork butt liberally with a coating of our Arch City Original Pork Rub. Pro tip: If you start with a light coat of our Arch City EPS, the flavor profile is even tastier!
  2. Smoke at 225° for approximately 4 hours. This should get you to a nice mahogany color. Depending on your butt, your smoker, and your personal preferences, you can go for more time or less time in the direct smoke. Totally up to you!
  3. Next, wrap your pork butt in foil. Add some apple juice to the foil first, then set the butt in fat cap down, Now add more Arch City Pork Rub over top of the butt, follow by some brown sugar, and then some squeeze butter. You want to use enough brown sugar and butter to lightly cover the top and drip down as the cook progresses. Now wrap the foil around the butt, then wrap a second layer for added insulation.
  4. Now, in our experience the best way to place a wrapped butt on the smoker (or in the oven if you’re finishing that way) is fat cap DOWN. Yes, we said DOWN. We do it that way because if you do it fat cap up, the beautiful bark you just created can easily turn to mush braising in the juices of the pork butt as it continues to cook. So, for the sake of your bark, fat cap DOWN!
  5. Continue to cook at 225° until you read an internal temperature of at least 205°. You want to make sure all of the connective tissues get hot enough to render so that you have tender, juicy meat.
  6. When you reach your desired temperature, pull that butt off and transfer it to brand new foil (1 layer). Put the au jus in a separate container to keep the butt from continuing to steam cook as it rests.
  7. After 1 to 2 hours minimum rest time, we’re ready to shred! Get that butt shredded just the way you like, then drizzle every last drop of that au jus back over the meat. Now mix thoroughly so that every inch is moist and delicious.
  8. Finally, follow the above-mentioned steps for adding our Arch City Pork Rub as a finishing dust.

BAM! You’re all done, and you now have a delicious, tasty, tender, feast ready to service up and bring some joy to people’s faces. We promise, they will thank you for introducing them to the incredible flavor-packed meal you’ve crafted for them!

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